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Where should I place my Solar Panels?

trajectory of sun for solar power

The Sun’s Trajectory:

Knowing where the sun’s trajectory is at any time of the year is a huge consideration when deciding where to place your solar panels. Living in the far north, this is a much bigger concern for us than it is for those in the south. Think of our long, dark winters and then think of the fact that the sun hitting those solar panels is what is keeping your lights on at night. Unless, of course, you run your generator to charge your batteries. And unfortunately, most of us up here do have to run the generator a few hours per day in the winter. But other than the generator … we need to get the MOST out of our panels that we can – so knowing where the sun will be is HUGE!

One of the benefits of Off Grid By Design helping you with the design of your system is the fact that we come out with special software and can show you where the sun will be at any given time of the year. When we look at that, we also can see any obstructions that will be in the way of the best spot. Think trees or buildings. If it’s a tree, you will need to decide if it’s worth cutting it down. If not, or if it’s a building, we will look for the next best place. This is a highly desireable service that we offer complimentary to our clients that purchase a solar system from us. It’s just one of the many ways we try to be someone that you would recommend to a friend!


If you are thinking of putting in a solar system, you really must have a good idea of where the sun will be on the horizon at any time of the year. If not, you are just guessing. Why take the chance? Call us to make an appointment today!

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