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Who is Off-Grid-By-Design?

Dave and Patrice Adams at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Off Grid By Design, LLC is a family-owned business based out of beautiful Bonners Ferry, Idaho since 2017. We don’t just do business here. We love where we live and are involved in our community – David is a volunteer firefighter and EMT with Mount Hall Fire Department and Patrice would spend everyday camping, exploring, and fishing our lakes if possible. As a business, we specialize in consulting, design, implementation, training, and sales of off-grid systems. One of the best rewards for us is when our customers start to understand and feel knowledgeable and confident about their systems – so training on each component is a huge part of what we do.

We believe that a consultant needs to be experienced and knowledgeable in the subject he is consulting on. David Adams is a National Certified Photovoltaic Installer – which means he has gone through and tested out on most of the commercially available PV systems. His certification is listed on the NABCEP.org (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) website to view. Just search the last name Adams under the Board Certified Directory. This training does not replace experience, but it does prove knowledge of the subject.

The electronics and computer training began in 1973 when David was part of the Naval Security Group and the off-grid experience also starts way back in 1973 when David’s folks were the first ones in the family to choose to live off-grid. David worked as a network and systems administrator for the Boeing company for many years, and has consulted with many people in our area regarding their off-grid systems and critical loads panel. We prefer to do business through word of mouth of satisfied customers, but if you don’t know about us from one of our customers, referrals are available upon request.

You do not have to go completely off-grid. If you prefer to have the convenience of the grid but want to have an off-grid back-up, we can help you achieve that. Many of our clients are choosing to do that now. Personally, we purchased raw land in North Idaho 13 years ago, and have lived completely off-grid ever since. We know and appreciate the lifestyle you are choosing. We know it’s not easy, not cheap, and there’s a lot to learn and do. We know it can be overwhelming but we can also tell you that it’s totally worth it! We are here to help – whether you are just starting out brand new, or you’ve been off-grid for awhile but are having problems or questions about your system. We can help you by phone, by internet, or by a site visit.

You can go to the internet for a lot of information – but gleaning out the right information requires the understanding of the technical information you are being presented. We love youtube.university, but when it comes to your off-grid lifestyle, do you want it to be:

Off Grid by Chance… Or… Off Grid by Design.

Call us today – we offer one free consultation per customer. Looking forward to getting to know you! David & Patrice (MP) Adams

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